Our first visit to Carlsbad

Our first visit to Carlsbad.

October 2013 – It felt like home.

As God would have it, out of the blue Gary and Karen received a call from Marriott Vacation Club during the planning stages of a much needed vacation. Marriott offered them a substantial discount if they would agree to stay at one of their properties and listen to their sales presentation. Accepting the invitation, they choose a Marriott club in Carlsbad, California, a small beach town located 45 minutes north of San Diego. Carlsbad was described to them by the Marriott representative as a as a quaint little seaside village with a European feel. They got very excited about the opportunity with Marriott , but it was only for 3 days and 2 nights. Not only that, it was further away from the beach than they wanted to be.

At this point Karen began asking the Lord to help her find a seaside location where she and Gary could spend the remaining week of their trip. Karen’s research skills kicked into high gear and the Lord led her to the perfect place. It was a beachfront, oceanfront condo that had a panoramic view from the balcony and literally five steps down to Carlsbad’s golden sandy beaches. This week of their vacation was the best part of their trip. No matter where they were or what they were doing, they ordered their days around the spectacular sunrises and sunsets by making sure they were sitting on the balcony to witness the hand of God paint the sky with vibrant colors ranging from pink and lavenders to golden yellows . It was unquestionably the highlight of their days and evenings in Carlsbad.

On one of their morning strolls, they decided to stop and have breakfast at a popular spot, The Daily News. The Daily News had a large street front patio that was ideal for people-watching and meeting new people. As they ate, talked and enjoyed the morning, they both paused, smiled, then looked at each other and said, “I could live here!” And this was the beginning of Karen and Gary’s love affair with Carlsbad, the Village by the Sea.

“Watching the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, listening to the waves and counting the array of colors in the sky rejuvenates the body . . . ”


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