The Perfect Property

The Perfect Property

March 2019 –  The Perfect Property is Revealed

For Karen and Gary, there was something very serene and captivating about Carlsbad. This new found place that felt like home had become a place they longed to return to so Karen went on a quest to see what other beachfront rentals might be available in the future. It wasn’t long before her quest turned into an adventure as she found herself viewing beachfront properties along the entire coast of California. Inevitably she kept coming back to Carlsbad! Just for fun, she also looked at beachfront properties for sale. Since Carlsbad is such a small town, there were not very many properties that fit her fantasy criteria. However, there was one property that stood out among all the rest. It was expansive, unique and beautiful! It was the perfect property to host missionary couples because it was custom designed to provide serenity, privacy, and comfort to it’s owners which is exactly what Karen and Gary had been called to provide for the missionary couples.

Karen was so drawn to this property that she began to pray without ceasing. She prayed that it would ultimately become the home that would house all of their missionary couples in the future. In the meantime, Karen and Gary were blessed to make a second trip to Carlsbad on April 30, 2014. They stayed in the very same condo they rented before. This trip was different because they were more rested. They did a lot more exploring along with daily walks on the beach.

“Watching the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, listening to the waves and counting the array of colors in the sky rejuvenates the body . . . ”


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